:DRYVRS episode 2 is here!

In this installment of :DRYVRS, I find myself tangled up in a serious case of mistaken identity with Rosanna Arquette. We go on a wild ride where anything can happen, and does...including an appearance by living rock legend Tom Petty! Make sure to watch though the credits for the Easter egg at the end, too...

:DRYVRS goes viral!

Thank you everyone for making the first episode of :DRYVRS explode! We had a lot of fun making it and never thought in a million years that it would spread this fast to so many people around the world. Wow! Episode 2 is now out as well and we're excited to keep them coming throughout the year. Expect the unexpected!

New Only Son album in 2016

The new Only Son album is set for release in 2016! I'm very lucky to have found an incredible producer for this record: Jonathan Bates, (formerly of Mellowdrone, currently of Big Black Delta)lent his massive talent to the record and I’m really excited with the result. We holed up at H.O.T. Records in LA last year and cooked up ten brand new songs - you can check out the first single, "See The Idiot" here.

Dual roles in "Adam Green's Aladdin"

"Adam Green’s Aladdin" is out and available for your viewing pleasure! This is a truly unique take on the classic tale that features entirely handmade papier maché sets, props and costumes. I play dual roles as both "Uncle Gary" and "The Sultan", alongside Natasha Lyonne, Macaulay Culkin, Alia Shawkat, Devendra Banhart, Andrew VanWyngarden, Zoë Kravitz and many more of my favorite actors and musicians. There has never been another film like this one - check it out! You can watch the trailer here.

"Party Upstairs" (new duet with Regina Spektor) premiere

Comedians Jena Friedman and Greg Barris put on a wondeful benefit at Irving Plaza, NYC to help Doctors Without Borders in their fight against the spread of Ebola. In addition to performances by David Cross, Fred Armisen, Janeane Garofolo, Jim Gaffigan, Ira Glass, Cass McCombs and Ted Leo (whew!) Regina and I played a brand new duet entitled "Party Upstairs". You can watch a video that someone captured from the audience here

Graffiti mural for O+ Festival

I was lucky enough to collaborate on a graffiti mural with my old friend Vor 138 at this year's O+ Festival in Kingston, NY. This is one of the most important, forward-thinking (and fun!) events around. Musicians and artists gather every October to perform and create public art in exchange for free medical sevices from local doctors, dentists and other health care professionals. A bunch of good peeps taking matters into their own hands. Bravo and see you there next year!

"Live And Let Die" at Lincoln Center with Dhani Harrison

I had the honor of playing (bass, of all things) alongside Dhani Harrison, Big Black Delta's Jon Bates and Matt Romano at Lincoln Center's event honoring Stella McCartney and her work advocating for women. The evening was hosted by Chelsea Handler and featured Jerry Seinfeld interviewing Stella onstage. As a last minute surprise, we played "Live and Let Die" accompanied by a 30 piece brass band with Sir Paul McCartney clapping along in the audience (!?!?!?!!). So yeah, no big deal ;) You can watch a little clip here.

Collaboration with Regina Spektor for Peter Gabriel's "And I'll Scratch Yours" album

In 2010, Peter Gabriel covered Regina Spektor's "Apres Moi" for his "Scratch My Back" album, on which he recorded songs by contemporary musicians he likes. In 2013, those musicians returned the favor on "And I'll Scratch Yours", interpreting songs from his vast catalogue. I'm proud to have had the privilege of co-producing and singing on "Blood of Eden" with Regina. This has always been one of my favorite Peter Gabriel songs. You can listen here!